Corn sticks «Legion»

Corn sticks with taste citrus

  • Corn sticks with taste citrus

Nutrition Facts

Product weight100 g50 g*
Proteins5.9 g2.95 g
Fats12.4 g6.2 g
Carbohydrates75.8 g37.9 g
Energy value420 kcal210 kcal
* - Weight of 1 unit of the product

Продукт не содержит пищевых Е-добавок


corn flour, oil refined, deodorized, flavoring «lemon», flavoring «orange», salt, powdered sugar.

Terms and conditions of storage: 

shelf life - 3 months. Store in a cool dry place by t°C not higher then +20°C and relative humidity not higen then of 75%.


ДСТУ 2903:2005.

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Country of origin: 


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